Fertinagro Biotech conducts a physicochemical analysis of the intermediate products produced at AZTI and BARNA (fish protein hydrolysates) and NEIKER (hydrolysed microalgae biomass) to assess their potential as components for bio-stimulant fertilizer formulations. After observing a high potential in the received products, five specific products are proposed to target a market identified as promising by Fertinagro Biotech:

1.Fertilizer with organic matter, amino acids and humic acids.
2.Solution containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and amino acids.
3.Foliar application fertilizer with high nitrogen and amino acid content.
4.Foliar application fertilizer with organic matter, humic extract, and amino acids.
5.Fertilizer with microalgae and  including humic acids.

During the development process of various fertilizer compositions, special attention was given to the rheological properties of the intermediate products produced by Azti-Barna. This consideration stemmed from the fact that farmers don’t always have handling and transfer systems comparable to those in an industrial setup. It’s crucial to ensure that the formulations can adapt to practical conditions under which farmers operate, without relying on complex handling systems typically found in industry. The products that have been designed are prepared to meet the needs of any type of crop, from a vegetable to an herbaceous plant to a woody crop.

Fig. 1: Aminogram of fertilizer


Fig. 2: Fertilisers production plant (FERTINAGRO)