UNIVPM participated in the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition (WWCE) held in Copenhagen, Denmark, last September 2022 with around 1000 participants. The study aimed to showcase the technologies and processes implemented in the SEA2LAND project for recovery of nutrients from seafood discards.

WWCE is a global event on water solutions organised by the International Water Association (IWA). Leaders, decision-makers, researchers and business representatives from around the world, within and outside the water sector attended this event, which provided a platform for networking and opportunities to showcase their innovative solutions to the right professionals and companies. The aim of UNIVPM, in the context of the SEA2LAND project, was to present evidence of advanced bio-based fertilisers and water reuse from fishery wastes using biorefinery scheme to recover valuable by-products such as biostimulant, soil improver, biochar and calcium carbonate, contributing to the mitigation of environmental problems associated with stabilising these discards and leading to a circular economy approach by closing nutrient loops in processing fishery and agronomic industries.

Figure 1: Introduction of the presentation


Figure 2: Conclusions of the presentation