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Good news for farmers
and environmentalists!

The use of BBF can reduce resource mining, pollution and greenhouse gas emission when they replace mineral fertilisers. Moreover, they can be produced from the recovery of nutrients from fish processing and aquaculture by-products. Based on the circular economy model, the EU-funded SEA2LAND project will promote the production of large-scale fertilisers in the EU from own raw materials. This solution is expected to reduce the soil nutrient imbalance in Europe. To test the solution, the project will produce several BBFs for local crops and conditions as well as others for exporting (with high value and effectiveness to ensure a low environmental impact). Eventually, the BBFs will partially replace imported nutrients for agriculture in Europe.

Latest news

Launch of SEA2LAND project: Producing advanced bio-based fertilizers from fisheries wastes

Launch of SEA2LAND project: Producing advanced bio-based fertilizers from fisheries wastes

The SEA2LAND project aims to provide solutions that help overcome challenges related to food production, climate change and waste reuse through the use of these organic waste streams. To this end, the SEA2LAND project will work on improving and adapting nutrient recovery technologies to produce bio-based fertilisers from fish and aquaculture processing by-products.

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Other related projects

The collaboration with other projects related to SEA2LAND will be made in order to disseminate the project and promote their results  for facilitating the access to their markets.