The SEA2LAND project is a 4-year collaborative Innovation Action(IA) funded by the EU in the frame of the Horizon 2020 programme.

SEA2LAND aims to provide solutions to help overcome challenges related to food production, climate change and waste reuse. Based on the circular economy model, the EU-funded SEA2LAND project promotes the production of large-scale fertilisers in the EU from own raw materials. This solution is expected to reduce the soil nutrient imbalance in Europe. The basis of the project is the regional production of BBFs developing demonstration pilots that can be replicated throughout Europe, boosting local growth. The project proposes the implementation of 9 technologies in 7 cases in 6 areas representative of the fisheries sector. The technologies will be applied to different by-products from seafood processing and aquaculture sectors, and they will produce several BBFs either for local crops and conditions, and others for exporting.

Besides, the effects on soil biodiversity, environmental sustainability and the impact on social parameters and local economy will be studied and business plans will be defined. Finally BBFs from by-products will serve to partially replace imported nutrients for agriculture in Europe.

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