The result of the liming agent meeting was to get information out to the members about why it is important to focus on liming agent.

There was various presentation given during this meeting. The main focus was on liming agent, and soil health. The various presentations was many good reasons to use liming agent that was given by: Ingvild Lauvland Høie. The focus in this presentation is: the importance of liming agent, the effect on pH and nutrient uptake, plants that are better prepared against over-winter damage, species and soil types requirements for pH.

The second presentation was held by Franzefoss (Balangen), Where they went through variable liming agents. They talked about their history on how Franzefoss was developed. They talked about different types of liming agent, how important the soil samples are, and from where the location of the soil samples are taken out, and their opportunities for use of liming agent.

When Kristin Sørensen spoke about their experiment, she talked about the results and the outcome.  At the end there was a demonstration from Franzefoss of a new liming agent wagon.