Determining the variables that affect the acceptance of consumers and understanding the reasons of the consumers’ behaviour related to food waste recycling in this way is of great importance to ensure the market uptake of biobased fertilisers (BFF) treated products With this aim, a consumer survey was done in which a total of 1 516 online answers were obtained in the five European countries participating in the project Spain, Italy, France, Estonia and Norway.

The enquiry was designed to get information, first, on the consumer awareness and consumption habits related to plant products from organic production and their environmental consciousness, and second, on their motivations and barriers towards the consumption of products treated with fish offal derived BBF There is an overall believe that organic fertilisers are better for the environment, healthier, and provide better quality of the products.

Moreover, these appear as motivational factors common in all countries However, not so many people, except in Norway and Estonia, recognise fish offal as a source of organic fertilisers. There is also an overall acceptance in all countries towards the consumption of products fertilised with fish derived BBF, however less people would be prone to pay more for it.

Slightly different strategies should be considered when promoting BBF into different countries due their different perceptions and expectations To overcome the main barriers expressed by the consumer and ensure the market uptake of these products, the main topics to cover should be an adequate transparent communication, correct labelling, demonstrate that they do not affect product safety and taste and producing them at a competitive cost that do not increase the price of the products.

Authors: Carlos Bald/AZTI
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