CAVIAR PIRINEA has made available an extended catalogue of sidestreams from their 4 aquaculture plants however all of them are routinely sen t to waste managers and none of them is valorised for economic purposes. The present project has already succesfully revealed that within a production scenario of 3 100 T fish/year (i.e. rainbow trout (O mykiss) and sturgeon (Arcipenser sp.)) and 1 902 T of processed products, 69 m 3 fish sludge 96 T fish víscera and 200 T of non conforming fish year could respectively be valuated through some newly developed technique under SEA2LAND. Likewise, CAVIAR PIRINEA is learning that increased productivity as derived from intensification in aquaculture fish processing practices also leads to subsequent huge albeit recoverable production of multiple industrial organic byproducts.

One of the most important practical recommendation from the company is to compile every expectations from the research and agriculture partners involved to adopt realistic guides on future profitable valorisation oportunities for industrial implementation. Likewise Aquaculture production companies should keep open minded and intensively collaborating on sidestreams supplies every nature and/ or format with research institutions to jointly define the most suitable tailored made solution on sludge or fish by product transformation or nutrients recovering/binding/transportation condition, required for each specific production scenario.

Fig 1: Synthesis of partner ´ s facilities and products
Fig 2: Fish sludge and viscera by products from aquaculture and processing activities.

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Authors: Diego Mendiola PhD. & Beatriz Rodríguez / CAVIAR PIRINEA SLU
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