In the ambit of SEA2LAND WP2 activities, a survey was carried out to end-users in the different study regions covered by the project. This survey was intended to learn about the needs and requirements of each area in terms of fertilization in order to make the generation of the fertilizers adapted to the market’s demands nowadays.

The survey consisted of a series of questions aimed at knowing the willing of the respondents to change the products they currently use for those generated from fishery or aquaculture industries’ by-products, the most important aspects when choosing a fertilizer and the importance for them of the ecological footprint of the fertilizing products.

Although most of the respondents do not practice organic farming, they have awareness about the importance of this ecological footprint and sustainability. Regarding the use of by-products in the generation of fertilizers, no opposition has been detected, even though some of the surveyed people have expressed concern about the presence of potentially hazardous substances that could be present in them. However, the majority of respondents admit to be willing to introduce this fertilizers in their practices.

Authors: Joaquín Romero, Carlos Fuertes (Fertinagro Biotech)
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