Several target groups have been defined to encourage their participation, generate their understanding and gain their support to reach potential customers and end users, as well as to maximise the impact of dissemination activities.

The updated Bioeconomy Strategy aims to address global challenges, seek new ways of producing and consuming and achieve sustainability through concrete actions, one of them being the mobilisation of public and private actors in the research, demonstration and deployment of sustainable, inclusive and circular bio based solutions.

SEA2LAND mobilises public (scientific/research/advisory services/universities) and private stakeholders (fish processing aquaculture companies, fertiliser companies, scientists/research for the implementation and deployment of the technologies needed to develop bio based fertilisers Thanks to the close relationship of some of the organisations involved in the project with the industrial and agricultural sector, it is possible to set the objectives and analyse the needs of the stakeholders.

In addition, SEA2LAND interacts with other projects and research initiatives, and working sessions with stakeholders are held At the start of the project, a dissemination plan has been drafted to disseminate the results and findings to stakeholders Communication activities with stakeholders have been planned to raise awareness of the agricultural sector on the use of BBF, focusing on the potential use, importance and potential of aquaculture by products to produce BBF. All partners interact to elaborate the Dissemination Plan aiming to create a multiplier effect by identifying and engaging relevant stakeholders to better reach potential customers and end users.

Fig. 1: Target Group (credit FREEPIK)
Authors: Mirentxu Asín, Camino Fábregas, INICIATIVAS INNOVADORAS
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