On May 16th the Cantabrian pilot was presented during the FOOD4FUTURE fair organised at the Bilbao Exhibition Center, Spain. The fair is one of the largest FoodTech events in Europe for food and beverage professionals. Gathered in a single space, the sector’s professionals are getting off to a lively start with training sessions, and sectorial and business meetings. FOOD4FUTURE Bilbao makes it easier than ever to meet the industry’s elite and create contacts, including those related to the transport, storage, handling and logistics of agri-products.
The FOOD4FUTURE Summit addresses topics ranging from food as science to alternative proteins, food waste and agricultural technology, Agritech. There are 147 direct exhibitors gathering from 16-18 May at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) to explore the future of food, the impact of artificial intelligence on the food industry, data analysis, automation, robotics, technology 4.0 and much more.

During this big event, SEA2LAND presented the Cantabrian Pilot case. The study aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility of producing fertilisers from different by-products of the fishing industry, using several technologies.

The event was organized by AZTI, NEIKER, FERTINAGRO, CAVIAR PIRINEA, BARNA and INICIATIVAS INNOVADORAS within the framework of the European SEA2LAND project. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the entities involved in the pilot project took part in the conference. At the end of the presentations, a working session was organised where the need for bio-fertilisers was discussed from different points of view with the agents involved.

If you were not able to participate in the workshop, you can still do your bit. We invite you to participate in a survey that aims to gather your valuable opinions and insights regarding biobased fertilizers made from own raw materials. As key stakeholders in both agriculture and the fish industry, your perspectives are crucial in shaping the future of sustainable farming practices. By participating in this survey, you can share your experiences, opinions, and suggestions, allowing us to gain valuable insights into the viability and acceptance of biobased fertilizers in the farming and fish industries.

A summary video of the pilot was presented during the event. You can watch it below!