Our Italian partners presented last 12th May the Adriatic case, an event celebrated in Ancona, Italy. The workshop called “Sustainability and circular economy in seafood processing” was organized by UNIVERSITÀ POLITECNICA DELLE MARCHE in collaboration with COPEMO (SOCIETÀ COOPERATIVA PESCATORI MOLLUSCHICOLTORI).

The day started with a speech about sustainability, talking at a full scale, managing water and waste streams, and at a pilot scale, BIOPACK to Horizon 2020 SEA2LAND. Once the theme of the day had been introduced, the SEA2LAND project was presented, together with some prospects for a marine biorefinery. Next, it was the turn of the Italian case study, the presentation of the Adriatic pilot, where the co-processing and valorization of waste and the agronomic potential of fertilizers recovered from fishery waste were discussed.

This was followed by presentations on environmental sustainability and circular economy applied to aquaculture, focusing on diets and losses in primary production (Horizon Europe FOLOU case study). Then it was time for the round table with professional associations and stakeholders, where the main topic was “CIRCULAR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL in the aquaculture sector.”

Last but not least, AMAP (Società del Servizio Idrico Integrato – Integrated Water Service Company) talked about the regional scenario, prospects and expectations for policy support.

The event ended with a visit to COPEMO facilities and a light lunch. As it was in hybrid format, in case you are interested, you can watch the full video of the workshop here: