On the 16th and 17th of April, the SEA2LAND project was present at the NERM conference (Nutrients in Europe Research Meeting) held in Brussels and organised by the ESPP (European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform) and the sister projects funded under the RUR-08 topic (LEX4BIO, FERTIMANURE, SEA2LAND, RUSTICA and WALNUT). Sea2Land partners from NIBIO, CATAR, UVIC, NEIKER, Fertinagro, FiBL and IPS Konzalting were there presenting their respective research in the framework of nutrient recycling technologies, agronomic performance of nutrient recycled products, environmental and economic aspects of the innovative technologies/processes as well as the business models proposed for some of the most promising products.

At the conference, the Sea2Land project could share the view and the results obtained so far. The main outcomes and bottlenecks regarding nutrient recycling were identified and discussed. Some hot topics that Sea2Land is thoroughly addressing were discussed such as business models and the economic feasibility of the production of fertilising products from secondary raw materials, as well as the legal barriers for the processing of some feedstocks.