An analysis was conducted on soil and fertilizer requirements and waste legal framework to support nutrient recovery to produce bio based fertilisers ( from fish processing and aquaculture by products, in the project’s targeted regions. The legal framework analysis was compiled in a report defined as a Map visor on soils and fertilisers requirements and waste for the different Regions and aimed to meet both the receptor and the by product provider The produced report also delivers an overview of the European Union (EU) legislative system with the EU institutions involved in the legislation preparation and approval.

The relevant legislation was analysed in both the European (EU countries and Norway) and Chilean contexts according to five selected categories Waste definition and classification; Waste quantification; Waste management and disposal; Fish processing and Fertilisers. A specific legislation analysis was developed for Portugal, Spain, Croatia, France, Norway, and Chile.

The EU legislation, directives, and regulations, apply to all EU countries via their transposition to national laws, but also Norway (an EEA member) adopted most of the identified regulations, with the exception of those addressing market issues The identified Chilean regulations, although in a different context, address the whole value chain related to the production of bio fertilisers from fisheries by products.

With the gathered and organized information, it is expected that the interested parties will find it easy to identify and extract the needed conclusions from the main legislation and act accordingly. Thus, this report intends to facilitate the nutrient recovery to produce BBFs from fish processing and aquaculture by products.

Fig 1: photo credit Freepik
Authors: Bruno Magalhães, Marco Estrela (ISQ)
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