One of the objectives of SEA2LAND project is to update of the European nutrient imbalance, production and management of side-streams and regional agricultural practices and needs.

This objective includes the identification of mismatches between the nutrients needed for a given crop and the nutrients available in the area where the crop is grown including side stremas of industry and livestock excreta. The identification of these mismatches will allow us to identify areas where it is necessary to provide new fertilizers and others where the existence of nutrients is sufficient or even excessive.

For this purpose, various sources such as Eurostat, FAO, national statistics, scientific papers have been used to better understand the nutritional status of the main European crops, which areas require more external supply of nutrients and which are self-sufficient or can even supply neighboring areas.  The collected data will be integrated  into a viewer, available next year (2022), where the main imbalances in terms of agronomic nutrition identified in Europe will be mapped. This virtual tool can be a valuable instrument for defining fertilization plans, nutrient redistribution, location of biorefineries etc.