A market acceptance study of new fertilizers obtained from by-products from the fishing industry has been carried out.
In the current situation of lack of raw materials, it is important to know that by-products from different industries can be used as raw materials for the manufacture of fertilizers for agriculture, thus favoring the circular bioeconomy. This aspect of acceptance of fertilizers with raw materials different from those used so far, by the end users of fertilizers is important, since this market, although it is in the primary sector, has also been carried out and changes are being made in the purchase of more specialized and specific products for each crop and crop growth stage.

The specialization of agriculture is leading to that depending on the physical-chemical characteristics the fertilizer could have greater or lesser acceptance, therefore the knowledge of what the market is willing to buy, allows a better design and in many cases a lower price of fertilizer since research is reduced. The use of raw materials from the fishing industry is a new way to obtain the main macronutrients as well as biostimulants to improve health and thus crop production.