In relation to the pilot to be carried out in the Cantabrian Sea, work is being carried out on different strategies for taking advantage of different by-products or side-streams generated by the fish industry located in the area near the Cantabrian Sea, in Spain. The final objective is to generate potentially interesting products in the agricultural industry through different technologies of transformation and fractionation of these by-products.

Therefore, during the early stages of development of the project, different samples have been collected through the various weather seasons in order to check the variability of the raw materials that are intended to be used to generate the final products, named “Bio-based fertilizers (BBFs)”, since this can affect the standardization of the BBFs.

At this moment, the process of evaluating the different technologies proposed for the transformation of the side-streams is being carried out. This evaluation of conventional and more advanced technologies will enable to select the different ones that yield the best results in terms of achieving maximum extraction of the most interesting nutrients, as well as in reducing the non-desirable elements that contain the selected side-streams. Not only this but also transformation of several nutrients is intended. Thereby, the extracted and transformed nutrients will be formulated to generate several BBFs that are intended to be used as biostimulants to fertilize the principal crops in the area in which this case study is based.