In the framework of SEA2LAND project, Chilean companies involved in aquaculture waste management and biofertilizers (BBF) production were prospected. Three companies were identified: Rilesur, LANDES, and Circular Solutions.

Rilesur is the most important waste treatment plant for aquaculture industry. It treats the highest proportion of fish sludge and silage (mortalities) produced by the Chilean industry. The residues are mixed with cereal straw for composting. More than 30.000 tons of compost with 5.5% of P2O5 and 20-30% of moisture are produced annually. Landes is a fishing company focused on processing sea proteins for animal feeding, with more than 60 years of experience in Chile. It produces high-quality fish meal, oil and proteins based on residues from salmon processing industry. In the protein extraction process, fish bones are separated through a sieving system in order to produce a bone meal with high content of calcium phosphate (19% P2O5) and 5% of moisture. Landes is introducing the bone meal to the BBF market and it is planning to build a new
processing plant in order to produce 10 ton per day. Circular Solutions is offering a drying technology in order to give value to organic residues with high water content (fish sludge). Its objective is to promote Circular Economy, transforming the problem of fish sludge treatment in a new sustainable opportunity. The technology is able to dry fish sludge in situ, reducing the waste volume and negative vectors associated with this kind of material. The final product is a dry and stable powder with 3% of P2O5 and 5% of moisture. SEA2LAND will contribute to determine the agronomic value of the BBFs previously mentioned.

Fig 1: Biofertilizers produced by chilean companies involved in aquaculture waste management and biofertilizers production.
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