UNIVPM and COPEMO co-organized a workshop at the port of Ancona (Italy) in May 2023 to disseminate about the fish and aquaculture sectors in the region, the technologies involved and the biofertilizers that can be obtained in the framework of SEA2LAND project.

The workshop focused on disseminating the SEA2LAND project to the stakeholders. Representatives from different stakeholders’ sectors such as fisheries and aquaculture processing companies, research, public authorities, business and financial advisors, communication and social media participated. Apart from the SEA2LAND project description (structure, methods, and goals) and each pilot scheme (by-products, technologies and final BBF), other topics like agronomic values of fish by-products, and the application of sustainable and circular economy approaches in the aquaculture sector were also presented. During the brainstorming session, participants showed high interest in the potential nutrient recovery as an environmental benefit of by-product stabilisation and in future steps of the project, with the main concern of cost and economic viability of technologies, as well as the feasible scale of these kinds of biorefineries. The workshop also discussed issues related to food losses in the fishery and aquaculture sector, within the framework of HE-FOLOU project. The event was moderated by a representative of the Italian magazine “Il Pesce”.


Figure 1: Presentation of the workshop

Figure 2: Presentation of Co.Pe.Mo activities