1st White Ammonia Research Meeting (WARM)

7 June 2023

ESPP is organising the first White Ammonia and N-recovery Research Meeting (WARM) in Brussels and hybrid, 7th June 2023. This will showcase research and innovation into nitrogen recovery and make links from EU R&D policy to industry implementation.

This is within EU Green Week, Brussels, and back-to-back to the 6th Power to Ammonia conference by NH3 Event, Europe’s biggest ammonia event, Rotterdam 8-9th June 2023 (one hour train from Brussels). The meeting will take place at Martin's Brussels EU hotel, Bd Charlemagne 80, 1000 Bruxelles (5 minutes walk from the Berlaymont building, the headquarters of the European Commission).

The final programme of the research meeting is available here.

Speakers already include the European Commission (DG RTD Horizon Europe funding programme) and DG Environment (INMAP policy and LIFE funding programme), Severn Trent, ACEA, Fertilizers Europe, BETA Technology Centre Spain, EasyMining – RagnSells, Detricon, VTT, Boku, UGent, Fraunhofer Umsicht, INMS (International Nitrogen Management System), Cranfield University, Cetaqua, Colubris, INSA Toulouse, VunaNexus Switzerland, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Inagro, Politecnico Milano, GNS Halle, Samforsk Norway, Algen, FiBL.

Registration is open here.

What is “White Ammonia”?

Nitrogen recycling is not only ammonia recovery. Reactive nitrogen can be recovered from wastes and secondary materials in many forms, or stabilised as a useable product, rather than being “lost” back to the air as N2. Nitrogen can be recovered or stabilised as organic nitrogen, urea, ammonia salts, etc., from liquid streams (e.g. waste waters, digestates, where it is present as nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, organic nitrogen) or by scrubbing ammonia or NOx from combustion offgas and other gas streams, …

ESPP uses the term “White Ammonia”, as proposed by INMS (see SCOPE Newsletter n°145), to dialogue with initiatives on “blue ammonia” (low carbon ammonia, that is “brown” Haber-Bosch ammonia with carbon capture and storage) and on “green ammonia” (zero carbon ammonia produced using hydrogen from renewable electricity).

WARM (White Ammonia and N-recovery Research Meeting) will cover all routes for nitrogen recovery and recycling, including both mineral and organic nitrogen recycling routes, for local agricultural application, for processing into mineral or organic fertiliser, or for industrial uses.

Nitrogen Recovery Working Group

ESPP has established a Working Group to take forward actions on nitrogen recovery and recycling.

The first meeting was held online on 29th March, with the participation of industry representatives and researchers. This working committee will function by online and/or physical meetings and email. The next meeting will be held online on 25th April 2023.

This Working Group aims to:

  • Identify actions to support development and implementation of N-Recovery
  • Define consensus proposals to submit to policy makers
  • Set up and secure funding for an appropriate ‘structure’ to take this forward (including funding human resources necessary for group moderation).

Companies and stakeholders interested to participate in this Nitrogen Recovery Working Group should contact

The first meeting on Nitrogen Recovery has been organised in January 2023, in Brussels and online, and was open to technology providers and developers and to companies developing N recycling. SCOPE Newsletter n. 145 summary of the event is published here, and registered participants already have full access to slides, session recordings, edited Chat, list of participants with emails via link sent by email.

The literature search, operator mapping and technology inventory is available HERE.

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